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Tempsens is a one of the renowned brands in the country with an experience of 35 years in temperature measurement field .Today Tempsens is one of the largest manufacturer of temperature sensors in India. We are a ISO 9001:2000 certified company with NABL Accredited Laboratory. The company is involved into manufacturing of Thermocouples, RTDs, Thermowells and calibration equipments etc. and mechanical components and accessories. In continuation to provide all temperature related products under one roof to customers, we have inaugurated new facility Tempsens Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd. (U # II) for manufacturing of cables at large scale. In this new plant we manufacture all types of cables for temperature sensors and instrumentation for Indian as well as overseas market.


Specilisation   Our commitment to quality assurance is demonstrated at every level: from application analysis, to design engineering, to procurement of materials, to final product. These quality assurance policies and procedures ensure our products meet the highest quality standards and provide predictable, consistent performance throughout their operational life. All products are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality control system.


Specilisation   Tempsens Instruments is dedicated to the principle of service and high quality. We service various sector including Power, Glass, Steel and Cement Industry etc with our products both in India and abroad. We concentrate on the service and manufacture products which bring about best possible delivery, lowest costs and highest quality.


Specilisation   During the last 35 years, our team of professionals under the supervision of our Managing Director, Mr.V.P.Rathi has recorded numerous achievements, generating remarkable growth by covering most of the industries in Cement, Steel, Glass and Power Sector. Our team work has resulted in successful development of products, system, approach, services and above all, the confidence our customers.


All critical raw material are sourced from the world best possible sources. This ensures the guarantee of the final product.


Specilisation   Our 10,000 sq.mt manufacturing unit has full-fledged production facility with most modern equipments and skilled work force. Our experienced manufacturing team produces products with high, consistent quality that meet, or exceed, customer requirements. Thus, we can quote and manufacture products based on a technical drawing or sample from the customers.


Specilisation   We are proud of our quick delivery service, high technical standards and outstanding quality which have been appreciated and highly valued by our customers worldwide. A ‘no minimum order’ policy is operated on most product ranges and we are able to deal in many countries without any problem. Currently our export department services over 20 countries.


Specilisation   We have well qualified and experienced experts in various sectors like glass industry, Steel Industry, Power Industry, Cement Industry who guides and provides solution for temperature sensing to our Specific customers.
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